Broncos Stadium: Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium

lil ol’ me outside of the stadium

In honor of the FIRST Monday Night Football of the season a little flashback to the time I toured the Broncos Stadium. As you will see in my pictures, I’m most definitely not a Broncos fan but I am a football fan so I low key geeked out on this tour.


It costs $20 to do a tour and you don’t have to have reservations in advanced, but you can check the schedule on the Mile High Stadium website. Since I did the tour over 6 months ago and it wasn’t my teams stadium, I don’t remember all the fun facts but here’s what I do remember:


  • The waitlist for season tickets is ridiculously long – like possibly years long.
  • The grass on the field grows year round. There’s miles of pipes underneath that will drain the field. This makes the field really flat.
  • There’s little holding cells for cops to hold belligerent fans in during the game.


There were definitely a lot more cool fun facts and we saw everything from the executive suites to the visitor’s locker room. I just love how die hard the city of Denver has been for their team, but I can’t imagine watching the game in a blizzard of snow! The best fans are ride or die though. 😉

view from the field
yes, I totally wore my Pats hat

view from one of the suites

on the way to the visitor’s locker room
panoramic view of the field
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Have you toured or been to an NFL stadium? Which one have you been to?

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  • Reply loveyoumoretoo September 21, 2017 at 10:33 am

    I am not a huge sports fan but I absolutely love touring the stadiums! This one looks great! 🙂 Denver has always been close to my heart.

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