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A Small Fat Greek Wedding´╗┐ (& Baptismal)

The handsome couple. The main purpose of our Greek trip was to be there for a wedding and baptismal! I’ve been friends with my friend MJ since we were in middle school so much so that her family really feels like my own. When she told me her sister would be getting married in Greece […]


The Underdog Greek Island: Kythira

Where Kythria is in Greece First stop on our Greek trip was the island of Kythira in southeastern Greece. When most people think about Greece, they think about the blue domes of Santorini, the Acropolis in Athens, or even the pristine beaches of Mykonos. I don’t think I would have ever gone to Kythira, let […]

Destination Europe Greece

My Favorite Spot in Greece: Bath of Aphrodite

Recent travels really got me thinking about how much travel really feeds my soul and how awesome it is that I’m pretty well traveled – I think so anyway. My last post was about the YOLO Trip, but my most recent trip was a planned ahead 10 day trip to Greece – which was ABSOLUTELY […]

Destination USA

The YOLO Trip: Santa Fe, NM

In an attempt to chronicle my traveling excursions, I’m going to retroactively post about past trips. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I like to scroll through my IG feed to remember what I did, where I went – sometimes even what I wore (insert monkey covering mouth emoji here). It’s crazy to me […]

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