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Steve Madden Snakeskin Boots / Nordstrom Sale

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If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my latest caption talking about how Adam says I’ve been looking homeless lately and he’s not wrong! My Summer work from home outfit has been Nike Pro shorts and an oversized shirt or tank top, so when I got a chance to wear these new Steve Madden thigh high boots to date night I took it!

I actually bought these boots off from Nordstrom Rack on sale for $50! They took a month to get them with all the postal delays so I almost forgot about them! I checked the site and they’re sold out now, but you can get still get them on the Steve Madden site for $60 if you enter code SPRING50! They do have other colors too, but sizes are limited. You can shop my entire look below, too:

Today marks the official start of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! They opened it up to card members and anyone who has early access a few weeks ago, but I am one of the peasants who have to wait for the official open. Which was probably a good thing otherwise I would’ve spent a LOT more! These are all the things I ended up buying from the sale:

One of my favorite pairs of Quay Sunglasses – The Reina is on sale for $35! I have the white/gold, but these are blush/black so I thought it’d be fun to have different pair. I thought these Karl Lagerfeld Cieone Sandals were really cute and would be a great black sandal staple. They got really good reviews so I’m hoping these are comfortable but if not, I can always return them. I actually bought the Regular Spanx Faux Leather Leggings last year and I love them! I didn’t know they came in a petite fit so I ordered a pair of the petites to try them out. If you can’t tell, I love having staples in my closet that’ll survive me wearing them over and over again!

The last thing that I got was kind of a splurge, but another thing that I would use for a long time, the T3 Cura Ionic Hair Dryer. I know, I know, $150 is steep for a hair dryer, but hear me out. When I was in college, circa 2008, I tried out the Hana Air Hair Dryer which cost $100+. (They don’t sell this hair dryer anymore.) I thought it was kind of ridiculous to use a hair dryer that cost that much but with my thick, long hair, it literally changed my life! My hair is well past my waist now and I can dry my whole head in 10 – 15 minutes! But the thing crapped out on me in the last few months – it won’t turn on when I plug it in anymore! 12 years with that hair dryer is pretty impressive though, so I figured there is something to these high quality dryers and I thought I’d try out this T3. Hopefully this lasts me another 12 years! The T3 Cura is on Amazon for $235 so hopefully it’s even better than my old Hana!

Did you get anything good from the Nordstrom sale?

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Amazon Prime Day Haul 2018

Dislcaimer: This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own. 🙂

If you don’t know what Amazon Prime Day is, you’ve probably been living under a rock! But really, Prime Day is a one day shopping event in for Amazon Prime Members – it’s kind of like Black Friday online in July. I think it launched a couple years ago, but I participated for the first time last year when I bought this Roomba for half the original price (~$200):

I still use that Roomba at least once a day and I love that thing, even though it’s kind of noisy. Anyway, if you know me I hate going to the mall and although I can throw down plastic when I feel like it, shopping is just such an inconvenience. I basically live off of Amazon Prime and of course, even though I wasn’t eyeing anything in particular, I ended up buying a ton of random, unnecessary things for Prime Day 2018. Thanks, Jeff Bezos. I posted a screenshot of my sins on my IG stories yesterday and people kept asking what I got so I thought I’d share my haul while patiently waiting for my stuff to arrive in the mail tomorrow.

First up – this set of Non Slip Memory Foam Bath Rug Set. Original price: $33.90; Amazon Prime Day Price: $24.60. Did I need this? Absolutely not, but I’ve had my current bathroom set for years and my dog, Yeyo, chewed some of the corners so it’s probably time for a replacement. Besides, do you know how hard it is to find a matching set I like at Walmart?! (I’m being sarcastic, but I try to avoid Walmart if I can!)

Next, a box of 100 18″ Disposable Pastry Bags. Original Price: $16.50; Amazon Prime Day Price: $11.53. Again, did I need this? Hell no! But #cookingroxy just ran out of piping bags for when I make cupcakes and who doesn’t need 100 just in case? Don’t judge me, cause I think I make a decent cupcake.

While, we’re in the kitchen, I also bought this 10″ Stainless Steel Frying Pan. I’ll be the first to admit that my cheap cookware is not cutting it anymore, but I wait til things get so bad that I can’t use them anymore before I replace them and I kind of needed a better frying pan. I got a cheap non stick frying pan from TJ Maxx when I moved to Dallas and it’s so rusted, it’s unusable. My Dad always says stainless steel is the way to go, so why not? Original Price: $39.29; Amazon Prime Day Price: $32.29. Did I need this? Maybe a little. I saw the same frying pan listed on Target for $49 so I don’t even feel bad about this one at all.

The last of my kitchen things, this Stainless Steel Garlic Press. My dad would be so proud of me for buying stainless steel! Did I need this? YES. It’s stainless steel, it comes in AN ELEGANT BOX! I’m kidding, about the box, but if you cook with a lot of garlic and don’t have a garlic press, wtf are you doing in life?! I’m kind of skeptical about this tube roller thing, but my current garlic press is falling apart and this one looked pretty. Original Price: $17.97 Amazon Prime Day Price: $11.50.

Another thing I don’t need, but probably would’ve bought at full price anyway, Evlution Fat Burner. I’ve tried it before, but wasn’t really consistent on working out and eating well so I wanted to try it one more time. Original Price: $19.99; Amazon Prime Day Price: $14.99.

I definitely did not need these Memory Foam House Slippers, but you know what, I’ve been wanting house slippers for a while and they were on sale so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Original Price: $16.95; Amazon Prime Day Price: $13.56.

One of the things I got that was actually really worth it to me was this set of Clarisonic Brush Head Replacements. I’ve had a Clarisonic Mia for years and it’s replacing the brush heads every few months always felt like a hassle so when I saw this as one of the Deals of the Day, I had to get it. I will argue that I definitely needed this and I got it for almost half the price! Original Price: $44; Amazon Prime Day Price: $25.

Last but not least, the thing that people have most asked me about, this Kingdom Beauty Facial Steamer! This was absolutely an unnecessary purchase, but I was sucked into Prime Day and I wanted it! My sister bought one last year and I’ve been wanting it, but forgot about it so when I saw it on sale, into my cart it went. I’ve been really getting into skincare in the last 6 months, especially K-skincare, and my skin has improved a lot, but there’s still some stuff that bugs me so I’m still trying some new stuff. I’m hoping I love this thing, but if I don’t, it didn’t break the bank at all. Original Price: $25.99; Amazon Prime Day Price: $14.69

Honorable Mention, which I did not end up purchasing but seriously debated enough to put an poll on my story, this Philips Air Fryer. I’m kind of glad I didn’t buy it because it looks like the Amazon Prime Day Price is the same today at $99.86! I do really want an Air Fryer, but I think I’m going to need to do a little more research before I decide which one. I usually cook for myself and $99 is kind of a lot for a kitchen appliance, even if that is half price.

Did you get anything from Amazon Prime Day this year? What'd you get?!
Let me know in the comments below!