2019 Goals

Obviously I’m terrible at keeping up with my goals (see 2018) and it’s already more than halfway through 2019, but my goals are still in the back of my mind. I didn’t achieve everything I wanted to do, but I think I made pretty good progress!

In 2018, I
  • Paid off $14,000 in debt!
  • Got a new job.
  • Was semi-consistent on working out.

Before I get into my goals for 2019, I have to pat myself on the back because there were 2 major milestones from 2018 that I accomplished – one was a goal that I set up for myself and the second was an unexpected opportunity that, so far, has proved to be the right choice. In 2018, I paid of $14,000 of debt! W. T. F. that’s definitely the cost of a small car! And in November, before the year came up, I accepted a Senior Project Manager position at a FinTech company. I’ve been working towards a Senior position and I’ve low key always wanted to break into FinTech, so it was an opportunity I couldn’t say no to. It’s been challenging, but I’m SO glad I took it. It’s definitely been a challenge, but I’ve been learning so much and in August, I get to kick off a project in my home state of Hawai’i! Honestly, when I think about it, I just can’t believe where I’ve taken my career and I’m so, so grateful for it all.

So for the remaining 6 months, I’m going to (try) to buckle down and accomplish these goals:

  • CAREER: Get my PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification
  • FITNESS: Lose 2 inches around my waist/belly
  • FINANCIAL: Pay off the rest of my credit card debt
  • BLOG: Do it for fun

Careerwise, I’ve been talking about getting my PMP certification for years now but I always get nervous about test taking. I think I’m at a point now where I have enough experience to put on the application, I’d just really like to take a class before prepping for the exam. This is going to be the year I finally do that.

I feel like I have the same fitness goals every year and I’m always falling off that wagon and getting back on again! I know I’m terrible, but at least I keep trying? The hardest part is the eating! And staying consistent for more than a few weeks. But I know I’ve done it before, so I can do it again!

Financially, I have one last credit card to pay off. I need to sit down and do some calculations but I think I can pay it off, or at least most of it by the end of 2019.

I’ve been blogging on and off for years and sometimes when I’m thinking too much about what content to put out or what to blog about, I just don’t do anything at all. It’s hard in this Instagram-culture we have where everything needs to be perfectly curated and it’s all about the followers, but I remember when I started blogging in college, it was all for fun. I started off with a makeup blog talking about things that I was genuinely interested in, making connections with really cool people. I don’t want to be that always flawless looking blogger girl, I just want to do it for fun. So I’m taking it back and I’ll be blogging about whatever I want, whenever I want. No strict schedule, no specific niche, just my word vomit for myself. I’ve been thinking lately about how much I liked makeup blogging so you’ll definitely be seeing more product reviews.

2018 was amazing and so far, 2019 has been better. I can’t wait to see how it all ends. 🙂

By Roxy

Roxy is a millennial minority woman in tech and first time mom. Born and raised in Hawai'i, she currently resides in the DFW Texas area with her husband and daughter.

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